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Announcement: CAMPER GIRL to be published by Fitzroy Books, an imprint of Regal House Publishing

I'm honored to announce that my Young Adult novel CAMPER GIRL has been accepted for publication by Regal House Publishing.

A HUGE thank you to Jaynie and the Regal House team for believing in me and this story. I can't express how grateful I am for the opportunity. Thanks also to my writing buddies: Beverly, Michelle, Bob, Doug, and Margo. Without your encouragement, Shannon's story would still be sitting on a shelf, collecting dust.

CAMPER GIRL will be available online and in bookstores and libraries in Fall 2019. Since childhood, I've been in awe of libraries. I even once considered being a librarian. All those books, all those ideas and stories and personalities -- I loved the serenity and the possibilities that libraries offered.

I dreamed that someday, something I wrote would find its way onto the good kind of shelf: the one that was public, available to any young reader looking for inspiration or companionship or simply a good story.

And now it's happening. That's pretty darn cool.


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