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A novel-in-verse.

A horrific accident. 

An experimental detention center. 

A chance at redemption. 

What happens when you want to reinvent yourself

but your past keeps getting in the way? 

I'm drenched,

from my scuzzy hair down to my stinky socks.

The only t-shirt I own hangs off my body.

It's a disgusting, slimy skin

that I can't wait to shed. 

I wonder what kind of uniform

they'll give me at J-ROT

(that's what my probation officer called where I'm going: Juvenile-Rehab-something-or-other).

Maybe they'll give me a jumpsuit,

and I'll look like a giant orange.

Or maybe gym clothes. I hope they have size XXL.

Out the window of the Corrections van, 

Florida rolls by, steamy and soggy, 

like a pot of something foul

that's been cooking way too long.


We're heading north,

and I remember a year ago, coming south...


Coming Soon
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