When her beloved aunt dies, SHANNON BURKE is left with a cryptic letter, a hand-drawn map, and an old Toyota camper. Then she loses her job, her boyfriend, and any hope that her life will play out like she planned.

Her aunt's notes lead homebody Shannon deep into New York's Adirondack wilderness where she scales mountains, discovers hidden waterfalls, digs for buried treasure, and most importantly, gets lost. In the end, she discovers the life-changing secret behind her aunt's final gift and learns that a person’s path through life is never clearly marked.

CAMPER GIRL is a Young Adult novel published by Fitzroy Books, a subsidiary of Regal House Publishing.


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Red is a fox pup who wants to play, play, play. But his friends are too busy preparing for winter. What's a little fox to do?  This is a tale of discovery and self-awareness that's wrapped up in the wonder and beauty of nature. 

RED'S FIRST SNOW is a picture book illustrated by the wonderfully talented Christina Allen and published by Corn Crib Publishing. It was named a finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards for picture books. 


Chores are the last thing Leo wants to do on a Saturday, so when his mother asks him to gather the recycling, he grumbles and groans. But at least it's better than helping to make lunch. 

Leo transforms his simple chore into a zany adventure filled with rocket ships made out of tin cans and a mile-high stack of pizza boxes made out of recycled paper. He discovers what can become of plastic bottles, used motor oil, and even discarded food. 

Will Leo finish his chore in time to meet the recycling truck? "What Can it Become?" is a story about changing and all the wonderful things that things (and people!) can become. 

WHAT CAN IT BECOME? is the first-place winner of the Florida SCBWI Rising Kite award for picture books. 

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